The Province of the South East Counties of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia Made with Xara Web Designer  Officers of the Province of the South East Counties 2013 ~ 2014     Chief Adept ~ R.W. Fra. Terry Cooke, VIIIº, 9º Suffragan ~ R.W. Fra. Chris Hatton, VIIIº, 9º Provincial Exponent ~ V.W. Fra. Ron Ball, VIIº Provincial Chaplain ~ V.W. Fra. Michael Harradine, VIIº Provincial Treasurer  ~ V.W. Fra. Patrick Gray, VIIº Provincial Secretary   ~ R.W. Fra. Simon Polkinghorne, VIIIº Provincial Director of Ceremonies  ~ R.W. Fra. Rod Barker, 8º Provincial First Ancient ~ V.W. Fra. W. Seymour-Hamilton, VIIº Provincial Second Ancient ~ V.W. Fra. Ian Mackenzie, VIIº Provincial Third Ancient ~ V.W. Fra. Roland Till, VIIº Provincial Fourth Ancient ~ V.W. Fra. Ian Smith, Vº Provincial Director of Studies ~ V.W. Fra. Ray Hudson, VIIº Provincial Guarder ~ V.W. Fra. Keith Harrell, VIIº Provincial Acolyte ~ R.W. Fra. John Rice, 8º